Tyler Bell, Director of Product here at Factual, will be speaking at the upcoming Strata Conference in Santa Clara.  His session, titled “Bigger Than Any One — Solving Large-Scale Data problems with people and Machines”, will be on Wednesday 2/27/13 at 4:50 pm in Ballroom F.

The informatic challenges of 2013 and beyond are bigger than any one company. This presentation provides an overview of a number of recent, successful crowd-sourced and community-driven applications that combine ‘Big Data’ approaches with Community involvement. The speaker dives into the numbers and specific details of Factual’s approach to large-scale, multi-authored data collection and aggregation, and how the company’s data ethos and business positioning dictates both the shape of its technology and its vision of large-scale, collective data ecosystems.  http://strataconf.com/strata2013/public/schedule/detail/27302

Tyler has a post on Strata’s blog illustrating some of what he will address with an interesting example involving Russain railroads.