Dedupe, Merge, and Purge: the Art of Normalization Video from Strata NYC 2011

Watch Tyler Bell and Leo Polovets’s talk from Strata NYC 2011 (Thursday, 09/22/2011). Big Noise always accompanies Big Data, especially when extracting entities from the tangle of duplicate, partial, fragmented and heterogeneous information we call the Internet. The ~17m physical businesses in the US, for example, are found on over 1 billion webpages and endpoints [...]

Gil’s Web 2.0 Summit Speech & Interview

Gil delivered a speech at last week’s Web 2.0 Summit called “A Path to Data Liquidity”.  See the speech below and also an interview where Gil discusses Factual, our data, and our philosophy. Talk: “A Path to Data Liquidity” Interview:

Tyler Bell’s and Leo Polovets’ Post-Game Interviews from Strata NYC

Last week at Strata NYC Tyler Bell and Leo Polovets gave a talk titled “Dedupe, Merge, and Purge: the Art of Normalization.” They discussed the importance of entity resolution within a business context and the process of canonicalization. After their talk, they were each interviewed by Strata representatives. Leo’s Interview: Tyler’s Interview: Slides from their [...]

Gil at Data Scientist Summit (VIDEO)

As we blogged about in an earlier post, Gil spoke at the Data Scientist Summit in Las Vegas last month. The one-day event brought together technologists, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and data scientists to share their thinking on big data. A video of Gil’s session,Top Dataset Masters – Major Mashups in Action, was recently posted online. [...]

Video Clips from Hackers & Founders / Factual Hackathon

For those of you who couldn’t attend the Hackers & Founders / Factual hackathon last weekend, we thought we’d post a few choice clips of the weekend’s talks/events for your enjoyment. On Saturday, Pete Warden moderated a stellar panel that focused on local data. Among other things, the panelists discussed what applications they’d like to see [...]