Slides from Clojure/West – Cascalog: Logic Programming over Hadoop

Factual engineer Alex Robbins gave a presentation at Clojure/West this past week titled “Cascalog: Logic Programming over Hadoop.” His talk started with an introduction to Cascalog, moved on to a brief tour of its features, and then finished with writing a sample application. For those of you unfamilair with Cascalog, it’s a clojure library built [...]

Introducing Drake, a kind of ‘make for data’

Processing data can be a real a mess! Here at Factual we’ve felt the pain of managing data workflows for a very long time. Here are just a few of the issues: a multitude of steps, with complicated dependencies code and input can change frequently – it’s tiring and error-prone to figure out what needs to be [...]

Factual Releases Drivers that Matter: Python, Clojure, Haskell

As Factual adds more data and features to its APIs, it’s important that developers have it easy. So we’ve put our heart into releasing client side drivers that matter. Yes, we’ve got drivers like the Java driver and the PHP driver and stuff like that, if that’s what you need. But we’ve also fielded a [...]

Clojure on Hadoop: A New Hope

Factual’s U.S. Places dataset is built from tens of billions of signals. Our raw data is stored in HDFS and processed using Hadoop. We’re big fans of the core Hadoop stack, however there is a dark side to using Hadoop. The traditional approach to building and running Hadoop jobs can be cumbersome. As our Director [...]

Thinking in Clojure for Java Programmers (Part 2 — Macros FTW)

How long does it take to change your language? Sun once estimated that it takes on average 18 months to evaluate and approve proposals for changes to the Java language. That estimate doesn’t include building, testing, and releasing the change. Nor does it include the time and effort needed to update compilers, IDEs, and so [...]