Factual is happy to announce that we recently formed a partnership with StockPup. A financial data site for the intelligent investor, Stockpup announced today that it is making its fundamental financial dataset available for free download. This dataset aggregates information from quarterly financial statements covering up to 20 years of financial history from document and XBRL filings by public companies with the Securities and Exchange Commission. It currently covers companies in the S&P 100, and will be expanded to the S&P 500® in the future.

In addition to making this data available on their site (as an Excel file or as a chart), StockPup is making this data available on the Factual platform. Users can add and correct data via Factual, and developers of financial web applications can access it via the Factual JavaScript API.

“Most individual investors…have not had convenient access to the financial data necessary to make informed value investing decisions,” says Serge Bert, founder of StockPup. “Now they can get such data with ease, and can either download it in Excel, access it as charts on our site, or build their own online charts and views via the Factual API.”

So whether your goal is to make smarter investment decisions, or build useful financial applications, StockPup and Factual have hopefully just made your work a little easier.

– The Factual Team