We’re happy to announce that Factual has partnered with Newsweek on “America’s Best High Schools” initiative, launching today.

Since 1997, Newsweek has published a list of the top high schools in the country, based on a number of criteria (AP classes, graduation rates, test scores). The list is intended to help parents and students research the best high schools and choose the one that’s right for them.

This year, Newsweek and Factual have partnered to enhance the list with a mix of proprietary and open data to create a more comprehensive high school database to help parents/students/educators make more informed decisions.  Factual’s technology helped transform static data tables into dynamic, interactive ones by enabling users to search and edit the data.  We also dynamically generated school profiles, pulling in data from across the web, and we will continue to facilitate content contributions from high school administrators, students, and the community at large. The resulting database is now part of an ecosystem of education data at Factual that can be used by app and website developers in different and innovative ways, using our APIs.

Aside from the main page, Newsweek users can dive deeper into individual schools on the profile pages, as well as see the results via a data widget embedded on other education-related websites.

“By partnering with Factual this year for our America’s Best Public High School initiative, we were able to expand the list and ultimately help parents and students make better, more informed decisions,” says Nick Grudin, VP Strategy & Enterprise at Newsweek. “We love the idea of using ‘wiki journalism’ to help improve our data and enhance the user experience. It takes our rankings initiative to a whole other level.”

So check out the initiative, explore the data — and let the era of ‘wiki journalism’ begin!

–The Factual Team