Slides from Clojure/West – Cascalog: Logic Programming over Hadoop

Factual engineer Alex Robbins gave a presentation at Clojure/West this past week titled “Cascalog: Logic Programming over Hadoop.” His talk started with an introduction to Cascalog, moved on to a brief tour of its features, and then finished with writing a sample application. For those of you unfamilair with Cascalog, it’s a clojure library built [...]

Big Data, Big Local

Location coordinate data lacks important context

Tyler’s Slides from “Big Data, Big Local” talk at Where 2.0

Factual’s Tyler Bell spoke at Where 2.0 yesterday about “Big Data, Big Local.” If you’re looking for some down-to-earth insight into the world of mobile technologies and local data, or a good laugh, or both, then you should find Tyler’s slides thoroughly worthwhile:

Gil’s Slide Deck for Web 2.0

Gil recently delivered a talk at Web 2.0 entitled, “Big Data Challenges: Getting Some.” For those of you who couldn’t attend–and even for those who did–below is the slide deck that accompanied Gil’s talk. Factual 2011 Web 2.0 Presentation View more presentations from FactualTeam