PHP Driver 5.3 Released

We’ve released the latest version of the Factual PHP Driver: this includes enhanced features within our new Submit and Flag APIs, including clear and strict mode, as well as a number of new integration tests to make our collective lives easier during installation and testing. Diffs are now supported, and we also added a cheeky [...]

How to build a .NET Web API app that uses Factual’s C# Driver

The ASP.NET Web API provides a nice platform for building RESTful applications on the .NET Framework. Factual’s C# driver makes it easy to use Factual’s public API in the .NET world. We recently asked Sergey Maskalik, the author of Factual’s C# driver, to bring these two things together and create a tutorial showing .NET developers [...]

Updates to the Factual iOS SDK

Factual would like to announce the updated release of our officially supported SDK for iOS!  This update includes support for the many new API features Factual has to offer. Here are some of the main updates: New API support: Resolve: starts with incomplete data for an entity, and returns potential entity matches Facets: returns row counts [...]

First Release of Factual C# / .NET Driver

We’re pleased to announce the release of the officially supported C# / .NET driver for Factual. Get going! The driver is available on Nuget. To install the driver into your Visual Studio project, go to the package manager console window and do this: Install-Package FactualDriver See the README for more details, including instructions for non-Nuget use. [...]

Keep on Driving

You may have noticed that we’ve built up a pretty extensive array of software drivers to access our API. I’d like to take a few moments to provide insight into our driver strategy and the lessons that have informed it. First and foremost: we anticipate virtually all developers will prefer to use a driver when [...]