Relaunching the Geopulse API as Geopulse Context

In May 2012, we launched the Geopulse API product to help developers understand the demographic and commercial context of any point on the earth.  Over the past year we have learned from our users what is important to them in a contextual platform, and how they use it to personalize a mobile experience. Today, we [...]

PHP Driver 5.3 Released

We’ve released the latest version of the Factual PHP Driver: this includes enhanced features within our new Submit and Flag APIs, including clear and strict mode, as well as a number of new integration tests to make our collective lives easier during installation and testing. Diffs are now supported, and we also added a cheeky [...]

Real-Time Places Data Stack Goes Global

About two months ago, we announced that our entire Factual data stack was now working in real-time for US Place entities.  Today we’re pleased to report that this also now applies to the 49 additional countries that Factual covers. As a reminder, Gil previously explained the Seven Steps a contribution travels as it works its [...]

One Step Closer to Representing the Physical World in Real-Time

I’m happy to announce Factual is today extending our entire data stack to include more robust real-time capabilities – not just serving the data, but consuming and assimilating new information. With this release, developers and enterprises can now make changes to Factual Places data in real-time. These real-time contributions are available for US places today, [...]

Updates to the Factual iOS SDK

Factual would like to announce the updated release of our officially supported SDK for iOS!  This update includes support for the many new API features Factual has to offer. Here are some of the main updates: New API support: Resolve: starts with incomplete data for an entity, and returns potential entity matches Facets: returns row counts [...]