Rest Easy, Factual’s Hotels Data Just Got Even Better

To me, the most fun thing in the world is working with big data. But the second most fun thing? That has to be road trips. And luckily for me, I have one coming up this Summer that I’m really excited about, too. My girlfriend and I will be driving up to Sea Ranch, CA [...]

On the Road Again: Viewing American Business Travel through a Mobile Lens

We are a truly mobile society. In 2013, Americans traveled nearly 600 billion passenger miles domestically by air alone1. Wherever we go, we take our mobile devices with us. Factual’s Geopulse Audience uses location data from mobile devices to develop insight about users’ behavior. I analyzed data from our partner, Smaato, to examine the behavioral [...]

Keeping Up with the Times – Quarterly Changes in Factual’s Global Places Data

At Factual, we’re obsessed with data quality. The real world is constantly changing, so we continually update our Global Places data to ensure that it is the most accurate representation of reality possible. That means adding new businesses that pop up, removing ones that have closed, and updating attributes of those that have changed (like [...]

A Bar by Any Other Name

Do you know how your favorite local bar got its name? Have you ever wondered why some towns have a wealth of taverns while others feature cafes or saloons? Using Factual’s data and a little research, I took a closer look at the menu of bar names across the US to see what I could [...]

Jack in the Who? Popular Fast Food You’ve Never Heard Of

We are often surprised when things we’ve grown up with and become accustomed to are utterly foreign to people on the other side of the same country. To explore this idea, I took a spin through Factual’s data to look at fast food chains around the US that, depending on who you talk to, might [...]