Factual Featured Partner: TINT

TINT makes it easy for brands to create social hubs in minutes. We spoke with their Head of Product, Lukas Prassinos to learn more. Company Name: TINT Located: San Francisco, CA Partner Since: 2014 Website: www.tintup.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/teamtint Twitter: @tint Instagram: @tint G+ +Tint Your Name and Title: Lukas Prassinos, Head of Product   Q: [...]

Factual Featured Partner: Winetaster

Winetaster provides an expansive solution to discovering the best wines for your taste. We spoke with Don Bradford, CTO, and CPO to learn more. Company: Winetaster Located: Kyburz, CA Partner Since: 2014 Website: www.winetaster.com Name and Title: Don Bradford, Co-founder, CTO, and CPO   Q: Introduce readers to Winetaster. What do you do? A: Our [...]

Factual Featured Partner: Glia

Glia is a search and discovery app aimed at helping consumers find businesses (restaurants, stores, etc.) that align with their social and political views, when deciding when to spend their hard earned cash. We spoke with Co-founder Barry Klein to learn more. Company Name: LAMID Studios Mobile App: Glia Located: San Diego, CA Partner Since: [...]

Featured Partner: Beasy

Making plans is often harder than it should be. We text, email, calendar invite, call, and even poll our friends and colleagues in person to determine when and where to gather, but often end up with more headaches than group activities. Beasy solves this problem by providing a simple solution designed explicitly for the challenge [...]

Factual Featured Partner: Urban Engines

Getting from Point A to Point B in any city can be challenging. Vital information such as which direction to walk, what train to take, when the next bus will arrive, and if there’s an event going on that will shut down part of the route are not always clear to commuters. Urban Engines is [...]