Factual Featured Partner: Shopular

We’re always impressed with the amazing things our partners are doing with location data, so we’ve decided to start showing them off. This month, our featured partner is Shopular. Shopular is a visual, mobile shopping companion that helps millions of users discover deals at nearby stores. Shopular automatically pushes personally relevant deals to their users [...]

Advice I’d Send Myself Before Starting My Machine Learning Internship at Factual

I spent this summer as a Data Specialist Intern at Factual, and was tasked with improving our Global Places categorization. Factual employs a wide variety of strategies at every stage of its data pipeline, and categorization is just one part of that. To clarify, every Factual Place belongs to one category from our 400+ node [...]

RestaurantRep: Building a Restaurant Reputation Manager in 48 Hours

  Congratulations to RestaurantRep for winning the Factual Developer Contest at LA Startup Weekend.  The RestaurantRep team went from an idea to a working product in just 48 hours.  What’s even more amazing, is that they were able to sign up six restaurants as customers before their final pitch Sunday night. Briefly, RestaurantRep is an [...]

Startup Fitness Advice from Battle-Hardened Entrepreneurs

Let’s face it: the quality that makes entrepreneurs great is the same one that can turn them into overworked slobs. Most entrepreneurs are driven by an intense passion for one thing or the desire to achieve one goal, be it the creation of the most-loved app in the world or of a fast-growing, sustainable company. [...]

If It Walks Like an Entrepreneur….

One summer after my freshman year in college, I took a job selling high-end Kirby vacuum cleaners door-to-door. I thought it might be a good experience. It was. I learned that based on my selling statistics (which were good, but not great), every non-sale got me 1/15th of the way toward a sale. To stay [...]