Factual Featured Partner: Snips

Wouldn’t it be great if your smartphone always knew exactly what you were thinking? Dr. Rand Hindi, named one of MIT Technology Review’s 2014 35 Innovators Under 35, is building an app that always provides you with the information you need, right when you need it. Although Snips doesn’t actually read your mind, it does [...]

Factual Featured Partner: HelloTel

Solitary travel can easily be a lonely experience. HelloTel is an app that alleviates this issue by converting any hotel that you’re visiting into your personal social network. Learn more in the interview below with Marc Preston, HelloTel founder and CEO. Company Name: Sochule Inc, HelloTel Located: Chico, CA Factual Partner Since: 2014 Website: hellotelapp.com [...]

Factual Featured Partner: Tastemade

Tastemade is a video guide of the best places in each city to eat, drink, see, and more. We spoke with co-founder Joe Perez and Platform Tastemaker Jason Griffin to learn more. Company Name: Tastemade Located: Santa Monica, CA Factual Partner Since: 2014 Website: www.tastemade.com/ Facebook: facebook.com/tastemade Twitter: @Tastemade Youtube: youtube.com/tastemade Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/tastemade Blog: blog.tastemade.com/ [...]

Factual Featured Partner: InfoScout

InfoScout is a startup aimed at measuring consumer purchase behavior and users’ path-to-purchase journey in the offline, physical world. We talked with Jon Brelig, the company’s Co-founder & CTO, about how InfoScout captures this data through it’s mobile apps: Receipt Hog and Shoparoo. Company Name: InfoScout Located: San Francisco, CA Factual Partner Since: 2014 Website: [...]

Factual Featured Partner: SocialRadar

SocialRadar is an inventive app that combines the power of social and location data to cue users in to their connections to the people around them. This month, we had the privilege of talking with Ghafran Abbas, Chief Systems Architect, about this awesome app. Company Name: SocialRadar Located: Washington DC Factual Partner Since: 2014 Website: [...]