You need to know the Power of APIs

Note: This was originally posted by CIO Review on 10/2/2012, available here. As someone who is dedicated to creating high quality and accessible data, I am encouraged that more and more people are realizing that data in massive volumes does not really mean much unless it is high quality, verifiable, relevant, and accessible. The most [...]

Data Markets: The Emerging Data Economy

Note: This was originally posted on TechCrunch on 9/30/2012, available here.  The term data market brings to mind a traditional structure in which vendors sell data for money. Indeed, this form of market is on the rise with companies large and small jumping in. Think of Azure Data Marketplace (Microsoft), (,, and While this model allows organizations to [...]

The Data Stack: A Structured Approach

At Factual, we think about data day and night. Our goal is not just to create products, but to create new data economies that draw people to participate because we offer a better data experience. Because of this mission, we organize our work using what I call the data stack. The idea of a data [...]

If It Walks Like an Entrepreneur….

One summer after my freshman year in college, I took a job selling high-end Kirby vacuum cleaners door-to-door. I thought it might be a good experience. It was. I learned that based on my selling statistics (which were good, but not great), every non-sale got me 1/15th of the way toward a sale. To stay [...]

An Update From Gil

Hello all, I wanted to give you an update on some exciting new developments. Since our launch in October 2009, we’ve been very busy at our offices in Los Angeles and Shanghai — expanding the company, fine-tuning the product, launching new features, and learning from our ever-growing community. Factual tables are already demonstrating the power [...]