Factual Featured Partner: Shopular

We’re always impressed with the amazing things our partners are doing with location data, so we’ve decided to start showing them off. This month, our featured partner is Shopular. Shopular is a visual, mobile shopping companion that helps millions of users discover deals at nearby stores. Shopular automatically pushes personally relevant deals to their users [...]

Smaato Using Geopulse Audience to Improve Mobile Ad Targeting

We are very excited to announce our partnership with Smaato, the leading global mobile Real-Time Bidding ad exchange (SMX) and Supply Side Platform.  Smaato will leverage our Geopulse Audience solution in order to enhance mobile ad inventory in its RTB exchange, enabling advertisers to better reach their desired audience. Advertisers can now target mobile campaigns against [...]

Major Update to Healthcare Providers Data

We are excited to announce the latest release of our Healthcare Providers data. This release integrates our healthcare dataset into Factual’s latest data stack. Among the benefits: Download licensees may now access updates to the data through the Diffs API. Healthcare data can be updated or new records added using the Write API. Those updates [...]

Updates to Global Places Category Taxonomy

We’ve made some changes to our Global Places category taxonomy. The system is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing our data engineers to add breadth and granularity to our taxonomy as we learn more about how our 65 million places are queried and engaged across the globe. We use Category IDs so that changes will [...]

Our New Office in Shanghai

Our Shanghai office recently moved into new space, so we thought we’d share some information and pictures. We currently have 12 people in Shanghai, mostly engineers, and they were wall-to-wall at the old office. We’ve more than doubled our usable space in the new office and can easily accommodate 24 people. With our active recruiting [...]