My Vacation Policy Is Better Than Yours*

More and more companies are throwing away their rigid vacation policy in favor of treating everyone as responsible adults capable of taking the time they need without a set number of days to limit them. The idea is to allow each individual employee the ability to design their own work/life balance, free of preset restrictions. [...]

Drake after Two Years: “Barely Famous”

We released Drake (“Data workflow tool, like a ‘Make for data’”) two years ago. The impetus behind Drake was the classic “scratch your own itch”. We craved a text-based data workflow tool that would make it easier to build and manage our data processing tasks. We open sourced Drake in the hope that others would [...]

Extend Drake (“Make for Data”) with a Simple Clojure Project

Earlier this year we released Drake, an open source data workflow tool. It was exciting to see the interest in Drake. We were especially pleased by the quality of outside contributions made to the project (as one example: S3 support — thanks @howech!). But we weren’t happy with the delay on our side in accepting [...]

Introducing Drake, a kind of ‘make for data’

Processing data can be a real a mess! Here at Factual we’ve felt the pain of managing data workflows for a very long time. Here are just a few of the issues: a multitude of steps, with complicated dependencies code and input can change frequently – it’s tiring and error-prone to figure out what needs to be [...]

How to build a .NET Web API app that uses Factual’s C# Driver

The ASP.NET Web API provides a nice platform for building RESTful applications on the .NET Framework. Factual’s C# driver makes it easy to use Factual’s public API in the .NET world. We recently asked Sergey Maskalik, the author of Factual’s C# driver, to bring these two things together and create a tutorial showing .NET developers [...]