Very Large Websites Table Now on Factual

Like most respectable geeks, we at Factual get pretty excited about data. And sometimes we get so excited about something that we want to make sure our data geek brethren are aware of it. Today we have something that falls into that category., a non-profit web crawler, provided a data set of about 4 [...]

SupportGroups.Com Uses Factual to Power Directory

We’re always eager to spotlight a cool implementation of Factual — especially when it empowers a community with better information. Earlier this week, SupportGroups.Com launched a support groups directory powered by Factual data. The directory provides over 12,000 listings on several categories of support groups (Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, Sex Addicts Anonymous), and [...]

Factual Developer Night Recap: Pizza, T-Shirts and APIs!

Last night, we hosted our first Developer Night here at the Factual headquarters in Los Angeles. The evening consisted of pizza (and lots of it), followed by presentations from Bill Michels (VP Developer Platform) and Factual engineers Boris Shimanovsky and Jeff Su. They went into the specifics of Factual’s API, as well as our open [...]

JS2: Factual’s First Open Source Project

The software team at Factual relies heavily on the outstanding work of the open source software community, and we’re always looking for opportunities to return the favor by donating our engineering time and effort. JS2 is the first of hopefully many internal projects that we’re releasing as free, open source software. Our wish is that [...]

Factual Developer Night on December 14th!

On Monday, December 14th, Factual will be hosting our first Developer Night at our headquarters in Los Angeles, CA. This will be a great opportunity for developers to learn more about our platform for open structured data, as well as meet several members of the Factual team. We’ll provide an overview of our API, including [...]